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UNFPA provided US$3.6 million over 1996 to 1999 to help Myanmar expand its birth spacing (BS) services, not oniy in terms of additional sites (from 20 townships in 1995 to 72 in 1996), but also in terms of additional types of contraceptives (pills, injectables, IUDs and condoms). An external Evaluation Team was asked to assess progress to date in strengthening local capacity to do this. The team examined the five major targets of this capacity-building strategy: 1) training; 2) information, education and communication (IEC); 3) service delivery; 4) management information; and 5) project management. The evaluation was conducted between mid-September and mid-October 1999.

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The Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour has been carrying out the activities of the project MYA/94/P03: Use of Human Resource Development Indicators for the Population and Development Planning Process with the financial and technical assistance of UNFPA since December 1994. In accordance with the work plan of the project, one seminar and three workshops were undertaken step by step and also this final workshop was successfully conducted in February 1997. Therefore, the report on this workshop has to be prepared not only for the documentary purpose but an out-come of the workshop.

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