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Country programme

In July 2017, the UNFPA Executive Board approved UNFPA Myanmar’s country programme 2018-2022. This is UNFPA’s fourth country programme in Myanmar. 

The country programme outputs include:

  • Sexual and reproductive health

Strengthened capacities to deliver sexual and reproductive health information and services that reach women, youth, adolescents, minorities and other vulnerable and marginalized groups, including those affected by conflict and disasters.

  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment

Strengthened capacities to formulate and implement multisectoral, rights-based policies and interventions that prevent and mitigate the impact of gender-based violence, especially among the marginalized, the vulnerable and young people.

  • Population dynamics

National and subnational stakeholders have capacity to use census and other population data to advocate for and formulate policies and plans, especially for women, girls, adolescents and youth, that are inclusive, conflict sensitive and promote resilience.


Country programme archive