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As recommended in the ICPD Programme of Action, the integration of population information or issues into the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all policies and programmes relating to sustainable development at international, regional and national level is not only highly desirable it is a must. Hence basic population data is needed to formulate and implement various development programmes of a country or a region. Generally, in most developing countries, there is not adequate population and related information and in some, there are gaps in population related data.

The first detailed analysis was done based on 1997 Fertility and Reproductive Health Survey (FRHS) and this volume undertakes detailedlindepth analysis based on 2001 FRHS and past surveys and censuses. The topics selected are those for which there was little information from other sources and those that would provide important information for programme and policy development of the country. This report supplements the first two publications, preliminary and country, for the 2001 FRHS. It is hoped that the information included in the present volume would be of interest to policy makers, decision makers, programme managers and implementers, academia and researchers and that it would help in formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of various programmes in their relative fields.