Approximately 120,000 primary school teachers and supervisors from across Myanmar undertook five days of training devised by UNFPA and the Ministry of Population from 17 to 21 March (2014) as part of the final preparations before Myanmar starts its first census in over three decades.




With the upcoming census starting from 30th March 2014 until 10th April, it is imperative that the public are informed about the importance of the census in an easily understandable way. The animation takes the viewers on a visually stimulating journey and explains the various steps during the census enumeration process.




The winning song of the census competition held by the Department of Population (DOP) is an upbeat song which highlights the enumeration process and importance of the upcoming census. Myanmar is undertaking its first census in over 30 years. The census will take place from the 30th March- 10th April 2014.




Daw Thein Thay is one of the 120,000 people trained as a census enumerator to carry out Myanmar’s first census since 1983. The 132 households in her enumeration area were of Karen or Bamar ethnicity. Other ethnic groups in Mon State include Mon and Pa-O.




Listening to the catchy tunes of the remake of the Unity song, also known as the census song, it aims to raise awareness of bringing together diverse groups within Myanmar and the importance of the population count. The song is performed by a group of famous vocalists and traditional Myanmar dancers.




Eight year old disabled Lalremurata attends a regular school, as there is no special needs school in his neighbourhood. The school has built for him a special table and chair so that he can learn to write using his feet. He requires special medical attention and care that his parents cannot afford. The family survives on less than $2 a day.




Video: Warehouse


U Beduram is one of the 65 ethnic Gurkha's living in Falam Township, Chin State. Although Gurkha is not on the Myanmar census list, he was allowed to self-identify using the "914" code.




A total of 46 international and national observers carried out a nationwide monitoring mission of this year's landmark Myanmar census, which took place from 30th March to 10th April 2014 across all of the country's 15 states and regions. The team observed 2,193 census related activities.




Five junior midwives wearing red longyis and white hats, locally known as the “red angels” are being put through their paces through intensive training supported by the UNFPA at a maternity clinic in the outskirts of the Myanmar capital, Yangon. Their task is to prepare their team of mobile midwives to return to field – carrying out life-saving work in the numerous Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Sittwe and Myebon townships, located in central Western Myanmar.