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Call for Expression of Interest for Grants to CSOs

1. Background

In the current context, there is a significantly heightened need of responding to emergency needs of women, girls and other populations to ensure their safety, dignity and well-being. Recognizing the critical role played by CSOs and women’s organizations in Myanmar, UNFPA Myanmar opens a call for expression of interest for grants to CSOs/women’s organizations.

2. About the Grants

Grants will be provided to CSOs/women’s organizations to meet the immediate protection and health needs of women, girls and other vulnerable populations in the current context of post- February 1st. This will be a flexible funding mechanism which aims to support the emergency response.

You can apply for a maximum of $25,000 per application. Grants are expected to be spent before 31 December 2021.

3. Eligibility

⮚  Community-based not-for-profit organizations, operating in Myanmar

⮚  Current UNFPA implementing partners are not eligible for this grant

⮚ OneorganizationcanapplyonbehalfofotherCSOs/women’s organizations as an umbrella organization

4. Potential Areas of Support by Grants

⮚  Support provision of services or improved access to services, including sexual and reproductive health, GBV, legal and mental health and psychosocial support, for women, girls and other vulnerable groups

⮚  Operation of safe houses for people escaping GBV

⮚  Operational costs related to helplines/hotline, including support to strengthen existing helplines/hotlines based on survivor-centered approach

⮚  Distribution of non-food items, such as, dignity kits, clean delivery kits

⮚  Cash transfer to vulnerable groups to facilitate access to services and livelihoods

⮚  Reinforcing safety and security for service providers/CSOs

These are just examples, and you can indicate the needs in the expression of interests which are not listed above.

5. Application/Expression of Interest

⮚  Please share a brief expression of interest (maximum 2 pages), including information on the needs of support, planned interventions, past experience, target populations, estimated budget for each intervention, implementation period, and names of sub-partners, if any.

⮚  Below is a sample table which you can utilize the provide the above-indicated information:

⮚  You can submit the expression of interest, either in English or in Myanmar.

⮚  Please send your expression of interest to

6. Deadline

⮚  We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Final deadline is 20 April 2021.

⮚  We encourage organizations to submit requests as soon as practically possible.

7. Selection Process

⮚  UNFPA internal committee will review as they come in so that rapid disbursement of funds and support are in place.

⮚  If required, phone calls may be made to the applicants for further clarification or additional information to complete the expression of interest. This will be done with safety concerns in mind.

⮚  Decisions on provision of grants will be communicated to the applicants within one week.

8. Awarding and Disbursement

⮚  Once decision is made for provision of grants, applying organizations will sign a grant agreement with UNFPA.

⮚  Upon signing of the grant agreement, funds will be disbursed in a single installment.

9. Reporting

⮚  Grantees will be requested to submit a short final report (narrative and financial) either in English or in Myanmar within the 45 days after the completion of the activities.

⮚  UNFPA can also provide support in preparing the final report as needed.