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The National Strategic Plan for Young People’s Health (2016- 2020) aims at strengthening the existing policy framework and programmes and is based on the following guiding principles;

  1. Life-course approach: adolescence is a key decade in the course of life that influences the health outcomes later in life.
  2. Comprehensive approach: It recognizes the cross cutting health and development needs of young people such as intentional and unintentional injuries and violence, SRH, HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance use, violence, substance use and substance use disorders, infectious diseases and common conditions.
  3. Equity and rights-based approach: focusing on equitable access to services to all adolescents including vulnerable groups and the recognizing the need to move from aspirations to obligations in fulflling young people rights for the highest attainable standard of health through the provision of accessible, acceptable and effective health care.
  4. Multisectoral approach: recognizing cognizant of the fact that holistic development of young people requires multisectoral approach involving education, social welfare. Also address non health issues for the development of adolescents; a multi-sectoral framework needs to be developed.
  5. Partnership, coordination and joint programming among stakeholders including UN agencies, professional organizations, civil society organizations and communities and others to maximize resources and to avoid duplication of efforts.