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YANGON, Myanmar  – With the support from Global Affairs Canada, UNFPA Myanmar has launched Baykin 2 mobile application, partnering with 360ed team. Integrating with Augmented Reality (AR), Baykin 2 app is designed to introduce adolescent and young people in Myanmar with key topics on sexual and reproductive health & right, gender equality, gender-based violence and other youth related contents such as self-defense.


Baykin 2 app integrates learning and gaming to increase the engagement of young users and provide better visuals for learning about their bodies and rights. It additionally seeks to equip adolescents and young people with knowledge and tools to be aware of and thus less vulnerable to gender-based violence.  


UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, is continuously investing in adolescents and youths to realize their full potential and their rights and providing supports to meet sexual and reproductive health needs and eliminate all forms of gender-based violence.


Baykin 2 is now available on Google Play Store

Baykin 2 AR Booklet can be download here.