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Following armed clashes in Mansi Township in Kachin, UNFPA has distributed over 140 emergency dignity kits in camps for internally displaced people. The kits were given to vulnerable women and girls over 13, who have recently arrived in camps to escape gun fighting.

One women said: “The fighting happened while I was controlling cattle herd in the field. Hence, I ran directly to Mansi without getting any chance to take my properties. So, basic materials distributed by agencies like UNFPA is very useful for me”. 

In the Mansi KBC camp UNFPA distributed 70 dignity kits after first meeting with women and girls to understand their situation and their concerns. UNFPA also handed over 70 dignity kits to a partner organization for distribution in the Mai Hkawng RC camp. Around 70 women and girls, including 7 pregnant women, are newly arrived to this camp. 

UNFPA dignity kits contain the basic items that women and girls need to protect themselves, to maintain hygiene and to preserve respect. 

During times of conflict, women have to leave their homes with little or no belongings in order to reach safety. They are experiencing increased levels of vulnerability as a result of high stress levels in communities, a lack of privacy, and a breakdown in social protection mechanisms. 

Without appropriate clothing, women and girls are exposed to potential harassment from the community if they venture out of their shelters. This prevents them from seeking assistance, commodities and access to essential services. 

Female dignity is also related to personal hygiene, including menstrual hygiene. Without access to female hygiene items, women and girls are compelled to stay at home and may even remain invisible to humanitarian actors and miss being targeted for assistance.