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YANGON, Myanmar - As the annual campaign 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence takes off, this year’s theme is captured in the social media hashtag #HearMeToo. It builds on the #MeToo movement which has inspired women all over the world to use social media to share their stories about sexual harassment and assault. The aim of #HearMeToo is to broaden the conversation, and to give space to the voices of those who are often missing from media headlines and high-level discussions.

In the spirit of #HearMeToo, UNFPA Myanmar has produced two documentary films where women and men talk about their experience of gender norms, gender inequalities and women’s rights in Myanmar. The films explore gender inequality as the root cause of violence against women and girls, and they carry the voices of women and men who are both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

Make your own voice heard. Post your own video clip about women’s rights in Myanmar on your Facebook timeline with the tags #HearMeToo, #UNFPAMyanmar, and @UNFPAMMR.

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