The 2014 Census in Myanmar is a major undertaking considering that the last census was conducted in 1983, more that 30 years ago. The complexity of census tasks and the resources involved demand proper planning and implementation but more importantly, it requires significant capacity building and resources, and the support of development partners, civil society, private sector and the public's cooperation. It is an exercise that Myanmar Government cannot undertake alone.

The overall estimated census cost is USD 58.5 million. This translates into approximately $1 per person. Other countries around the globe spend between $3 and $15 per person for their census. This means that the Myanmar census is being conducted in a very cost effective way.

The Government is contributing USD 15 million which includes the provision of full-time staff at central, state/region and township level, equipment, facilities, services for the execution of the census. UNFPA has committed USD 5 million from its core resources. These funds are already being utilized on the census preparatory activities including the pilot census, equipment, mapping, among others. UNFPA also provides in kind contribution through technical and programmatic support by the country office, regional office and headquarters.

Support from donors can be made either in financial commitments or in-kind contributions (e.g. services, communication/advocacy, equipment, etc...). To this date, financial contribution to the census is provided by AusAID, DFID, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. United States is providing support to the census through technical assistance.

UNFPA has set up a multi-donor pooled funding modality to streamline the management, reporting and effective use of all contributions for the census.