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A comb and a mirror go a long way towards a sense of dignity for this woman in Sin Pite village in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

10 April 2018

UNFPA dignity kits reach women in Rakhine ahead of monsoon

A catching smile spreads across her face as she opens the dignity kit in her simple home. She begins to laugh as she tries out the comb and mirror. Her daughter leans over to touch the bright yellow t-shirt, and to smell its clean newness. The mother and daughter in Sin Pite village are two of both Muslim and Buddhist women in

Myat Noe Pwint in Myanmar’s Naga Self-Administered Zone after a UNFPA-supported women’s empowerment workshop: “I’ve got a new attitude.”

9 April 2018

Naga women on the rise: “I’ve got a new attitude”

When they were selecting youth committee members in 23-year-old Myat Noe Pwint’s village, she was told that girls were not competent and would not be qualified to be in leadership positions. Some people in the village nominated girls all the same, but they were rejected for the sole reason of being girls. “I accepted this at

Kawt Phan and her one-year-old son relax in the women-friendly space. The better access women have to information about their health and rights, the better care they can take of themselves and their children.

27 February 2018

Safe spaces empower displaced women and girls in Kutkai

“My husband and I fought most of the time. He yelled at me to mind women business only and to obey him.” A bitter smile reflects as Seng Pan* recalls. Many women like Seng Pan are trapped in a vicious cycle of limited opportunities, poverty and soaring inequalities in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Kutkai, just as



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