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Roberto Bianchini

Research Associate, Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development (CIRPS)

Dr. Bianchini is research associate at the Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development (CIRPS) of the Sapienza University of Rome and Director of the Research and Development Unit "Information Systems, Population, Health and Environment" established in 2014 between CIRPS and the Italian Geographic Society.

His main expertise lies in population studies and use of geospatial technologies to address the interactions between places and people. Research activities are mainly related to data collection methods of statistical data, dissemination and analysis of data derived from population and housing censuses, implementation and use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for statistics. 

He has worked several years in statistics related research and development projects, with extensive experience in training activities, capacity building and project management, providing technical advice and assistance to National Statistical Offices, and participating as a speaker to international conferences organised by Eurostat and UN Agencies. He has participated in a number of international monitoring operations of population censuses as a census expert and observer, on behalf of Eurostat, UN and the Council of Europe. He has contributed to population and housing censuses in Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Chile, Tunisia. 

He holds a Ph.D. from Sapienza University of Rome. He has experience in the EU regulations and recommendations, UN recommendations, and international standards for the collection, analysis and dissemination of census data. He is author or co-author of about fifteen international publications.

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