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Naohiro Ogawa

Professor Emeritus, Nihon University, Tokyo

Over the past 35 years Professor Ogawa has written extensively on population and development in Japan and other Asian countries. His research has focused on issues such as socio economic impacts of low fertility and rapid population aging, modelling demographic and social security-related variables, as well as policies related to fertility, employment, marriage, child care, retirement and care for the elderly. His recent work includes measuring intergenerational transfers. 

He has published numerous academic papers in internationally recognized journals such as American Economic Review, Journal of Labor Economics, Science, and Demography. In collaboration with other scholars he has also edited several journals and books among which the most recent one is Low Fertility and Reproductive Health in East Asia published this year by Springer. He has served on a number of committees and advisory boards set up by the Japanese government and international organizations. Last December, he participated as a keynote speaker and panellist in the Nobel Week Dialogue on population aging held in Stockholm.

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